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New HP calculator literature site
10-05-2021, 04:20 PM
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RE: New HP calculator literature site
(10-05-2021 02:25 PM)Eric Rechlin Wrote:  Torrents don't work well for rapidly changing datasets, because a new torrent has to be created (with seeding broken for any existing seeders) with any change, and because I am adding new content multiple times a week, it is changing too much for a torrent. However, once things settle down a bit (probably next year) I may make a torrent.

But torrents seem to be ignored by most people, so it may be a lot of effort for nothing; the number of people who've used my other torrents is still in the double-digits even after several years. As it is I have people almost every day trying to scrape my main web site even though a torrent is provided, so sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time.

Thanks also from me, Eric- a truly wonderful and valuable resource!

I myself do not use torrents for various reasons, including that any use of torrents (or the TOR browser) are regarded with suspicion by many governments, including our own. Sad

As long as each year's HHC thumb drive has a copy of the archive I will be happy.
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