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New HP calculator literature site
10-04-2021, 07:39 AM
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RE: New HP calculator literature site
Wow! Thankyou! I see you have the HP92198 80-column HPIL video interface manual. I am attaching here the hex files to re-program the EPROMs, as EPROMs are never guaranteed to keep their data nearly as many years as it has been since the 92198 was made. I kept these files from when I refreshed mine to keep them from going south. I had to change the file extension for posting here because the .HEX extension is not one of the ones the forum software would allow. So please note! These are not .pdf's! They are Intel hex files; so change the extension back to .HEX after downloading. (.HEX is just plain text, and is used by EPROM programmers. Motorola S-Record is another popular type, also a plain text file, but it works a little differently.) U12 appears to be the program material, while U2 appears to define which dots are turned on for each character. The interesting thing there is that you could write your own, for example if you wanted the ROMAN8 character set (instead of inverse video), or the DOS/ANSI character set used by Epson dot-matrix impact printers, to get the graphics characters and the Greek letters we use so much in engineering. In fact, you could have multiple EPROM images in the unit (using a denser EPROM), and have one or more switches on the front panel, connected to address pins of the EPROM, to select which character set you wanted. Smile

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