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Valentín's website update thread - comments and appreciation
10-13-2021, 09:40 PM
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RE: Valentín's website update thread - comments and appreciation
(10-13-2021 08:23 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  Also Valentin, each post is of some certain maximum number of characters (idk size?), which will likely mean that you would eventually have to trim older update messages to make room for the new ones.

The maximum number of characters per post must be enormous, just consider my posted original solutions to my latest S&S Math Challenge or even my recent post for the previous Update, i.e., Update #28.

As every Update from now on will take just one or two lines of added text at most, it would be possible to add hundreds of updates in the one post before the limit (if any) is reached, and well before that I'd have stopped posting in the MoHPC fora.

Quote:I hope there is way to retain all the update notes, as I find your comments about the new items quite helpful to select items to read (and sometimes just download for later...).

I don't understand. The previous posts in the Updates thread for Updates #1 to #28 will not be edited ever (at least by me), so they'll remain intact indefinitely. And the one post for all Updates #29, #30, ..., will not include comments about the new items, other than a brief 1- or 2-line indication of the Updates' content.

Judging by ijabbott's reply and yours, it seems my (allegedly) simple and clear post has been thoroughly misunderstood, can't figure why.

Best regards.

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