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HP-48SX (attempted) repair by Ben Heck
09-19-2021, 03:14 PM
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RE: HP-48SX (attempted) repair by Ben Heck
Hi Han,

Shucking is great until you run into the ‘differing manufacturing bell curve’. Some heat stakes are so stiff and mushroomed that they will not release. The case becomes deformed and fit and finish suffer.

The longer the structure, stretch pioneers (48 series) will suffer the most. So I will attempt a ‘shuck’ but when the calculator fights back the I resort to the overlay.

Now, the overlay removal method, once the bezel cleanup and flattening was perfected, for me, is much less stress (on me and the calc) that I just go to it without the shucking attempt.

Each to his own,

Best regards, Geoff
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