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HP-48SX (attempted) repair by Ben Heck
09-15-2021, 09:46 PM
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RE: HP-48SX (attempted) repair by Ben Heck
(09-15-2021 08:12 PM)Ren Wrote:  Were you just being facetious?
I've known of him for several years, though I don't "follow" him.

His videos have appeared a number of times on

No, it was a serious question. His style, obvious experience (and singing) are all fine and I would not mind watching his videos, I just didn't know about his success/failure rate. Though a lot can be learned from watching even repair failures, it would be encouraging to know some items do in fact get repaired.

Learning he's more of a builder changes one's view of his repair skills, and he surely is not the first (nor the last) experienced tech to get flummoxed trying to open an HP-48. His questions, "how the heck did they open these to repair them?", "why did they use twist tabs?", etc. reveals the assumption we've all made that they were in fact to be serviced, but clearly not the case.

So I may check him out again in the future.

--Bob Prosperi
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