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Back in 75...
08-04-2021, 05:00 PM (This post was last modified: 08-04-2021 10:05 PM by Didier Lachieze.)
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Back in 75...
See the new 25
But no more 35
Only the 45
It’s time for the 55
And space for the 65
Back in 75 …

[Image: thumb.jpg]

Pocket Calculator Buyers Guide - Fall 75.pdf


Interestingly the illustrations in this catalog are composed like museum paintings, each calculator is presented on a full page with three accessories associating the calculator to a specific application or environment (in order of appearance):
  • HP-25 "Scientific Programmable": a mechanical pencil, bearings and a drawing – it’s a tool for engineers, no doubt
  • HP-55 "Advanced Scientific programmable": a few electronic components, an electrical circuit analysis sheet and an HP 5306A Multimeter/Counter – there is a complex problem involving test and measurement that can be solved with a program : "Designed with the power to solve complex, repetitive or iterative problems"
  • HP-21 "Scientific": two pencils, a paper sheet with a mathematical formula, and science books (chemistry, physics, algebra) – we are here in an education environment rather that in the professional world , pencil vs. mechanical pencil, the HP-21 is simpler than the HP-25.
  • HP-45 "Advanced Scientific": a compass and test tubes, with only two accessories and a half page picture, the HP-45 is the less highlighted calculator in this brochure. May be because it’s the older scientific calculator presented.
  • HP-65 "Fully programmable": a form with a hand written program, magnetic cards, and at the back several big mainframe tape drives – this is clearly highlighting programming and a direct comparison of the "personal computer" HP-65 with a mainframe computer whose access was reserved at that time to an elite.
  • HP-22 "Business Management": a pen, a pocket watch, a blank paper sheet and an accounting book – we are not anymore in a scientific environment, but in one where money counts: the pen and watch are gold plated, and the watch is telling us "time is money", it’s also a reminder of the main functions of the HP financial calculators: TVM (Time Value of Money).
  • HP-80 "Financial": here we are entering the world of finance with key accessories for finance people: glasses, Wall Street Journal and stock certificates. The words used are also a hint to this world: "The finest pocket calculator", like a finest single malt whisky…
But no such staging for the desk calculators HP-46 & HP-81, they are just presented side by side without any accessories, we are in a "Pocket Calculator Buyer’s Guide", aren’t we?

(Previously published on the french Silicium forum, English version for people here interested in these early HP calculators).
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