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file format for HP48gx objects
07-06-2021, 07:43 PM
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file format for HP48gx objects
I'm using the iHP48 emulator on my iPhone configured as a HP48gx. I own a HP48sx but the keyboard is a bit flakey so the emulator is a great backup. Program works great and i'm able to save and load objects from the phone's file system into the calculator. However, i'd like to edit my HP programs on my mac then load onto my phone. The problem is i don't understand the structure of the object files. Examples attached as a zip file.

file "a" = << >> (empty program)
file "b" = << 1 'A' STO >>
file "c" = << 2 'A' STO >>
file "d" = << 1 'B' STO >>
file "e" = << 2 'B' STO >>
file "f" = << 'A' RCL >>
file "g" = << 'B' RCL >>

I would be very grateful if someone could help me understand the internals of the attached files or point me to a reference. My goal is to build a python script that can translate between ASCII representation of a program and the binary version the calculator requires.

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