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Warp-core+ SHFL on 41CL: strange behaviours
07-01-2021, 12:29 PM
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RE: Warp-core+ SHFL on 41CL: strange behaviours
First step ...

To do the following steps you need:
Configuration steps ...

The following steps needs to be done when you need to connect/disconnect the serial cable to/from the 41CL.
[ON]                  // power off
                      // connect/disconnect serial cable to/from the 41CL and to/from the computer.
[ON]                  // power on
MMUEN                 // the MMU often disable itself when the connection/disconnection of the serial plug occur.

The following steps needs to be executed when you want to manually transfer a ROM with the serial port.
They also need to be done when the 41CL goes OFF automatically or when you get a OVERRUN message while transmitting.
[ON]                  // OVERRUN case only - power-cycling power off
[ON]                  // OVERRUN case only - power-cycling power on
PTURBO                // turbo 50x is needed in order to have a successfull serial port transfer
SERINI                // initialize serial port
PBAUD                 // setup the baud rate to 4800 baud

Transmission steps ...

We have these 4 ROMs to transfer.
Filename         YCRC     RAM Address
------------  ----------  -----------
LIBRARY4.ROM  0x0C534356       830000 
WARPB1.ROM    0x1AB1C614       831000 
WARPB2.ROM    0x73A2E747       832000 
WARPB3.ROM    0xC89E6ADD       833000 
                               834000   although there is no ROM at this address, it will be needed later

I will show the steps for LIBRARY4.ROM but you will have to repeat these steps for the other ROMs as well.

On the 41CL
"830000-0FFF"         // RAM address where LIBRARY4.ROM will be loaded
[XEQ] [ALPHA] YIMP    // YIMP command is left dangling

On the computer
java -jar clupdate-1.1.0.jar --upload LIBRARY4.ROM /dev/tty.usbserial 4800 [return]

You should get the following message
HH:MM:SS --upload    [fileName: LIBRARY4.ROM] [portName: /dev/tty.usbserial] [baudRate: 4800]
HH:MM:SS File       LIBRARY4.ROM loading ...  done [YCRC=0x0C534356 Rev:2021-06-25]
HH:MM:SS Serial     /dev/tty.usbserial opened.
HH:MM:SS Sleeping   5 seconds before starting file transfer

On the 41CL and within 5 seconds of the above message
[ALPHA]               // execute YIMP command
"830"                 // RAM address where LIBRARY4.ROM is located
YCRC                  // request a CRC to validate if we got the complete ROM, I get 0C534356, perfect match, it is valid

MMU configuration steps ...

MMUDIS          // disable MMU
MMUCLR          // clear MMU configuration
"YFNX"          // CL Extreme ROM
PLUG1U          // page 9 = CL Extreme ROM
MMUEN           // enable MMU
"-830 4"        // page 4 = Library #4 in RAM address 830
PPLUG           // activate page 4
"OSX3 8"        // page 8 = OS/X
PPLUG           // activate page 8
"PWRX A"        // page A = PowerCL Extreme
PPLUG           // activate page A
"834000-0000"   // since the PPLUG command assume 4 pages bank switching we need to erase the fourth one
YMCLR           // do the erasing
"*831 B"        // page B = WARP Core with bank switched code located at RAM addresses 831, 832, 833 & 834 
PPLUG           // activate page B
"HEP3 C"        // page C = HEPAX Plus
PPLUG           // activate page C
"HEP2 D"        // page D = HEPAX 4H
PPLUG           // activate page D
"820000-0000"   // 4K QROM at page 820 (will becomes HEPAX RAM at page E)
YMCLR           // clear QROM content
"821000-0000"   // 4K QROM at page 820 (will becomes HEPAX RAM at page F)
YMCLR           // clear QROM content
"+820 E"        // pages E = 820 & F = 821
PPLUG           // activate pages E & F
HEPINI          // Initialize HEPAX RAM
                // at the first prompt, enter 2 (for 2 pages)
                // then at the second prompt, enter E (the first HEPAX RAM page)
OFF             // power cycle off
ON              // power cycle on
HEPDIR          // you should see H:DIR EMPTY and 1304 in X (free HEPAX DATA registers)

Have fun! Cool

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