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Warp-core+ SHFL on 41CL: strange behaviours
07-01-2021, 01:17 AM
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RE: Warp-core+ SHFL on 41CL: strange behaviours
41CL updated to June 2nd, 2021 ROMs (

Configuration steps:
MMUDIS          // disable MMU
MMUCLR          // clear MMU configuration
"YFNX"          // CL Extreme ROM
PLUG1U          // page 9 = CL Extreme ROM
MMUEN           // enable MMU
"4LIB 4"        // page 4 = Library #4
PPLUG           // activate page 4
"OSX3 8"        // page 8 = OS/X
PPLUG           // activate page 8
"PWRX A"        // page A = PowerCL Extreme
PPLUG           // activate page A
"WARP B"        // page B = WARP Core
PPLUG           // activate page B
"HEP3 C"        // page C = HEPAX Plus
PPLUG           // activate page C
"HEP2 D"        // page D = HEPAX 4H
PPLUG           // activate page D
"820000-0000"   // 4K QROM at page 820 (will becomes HEPAX RAM at page E)
YMCLR           // clear QROM content
"821000-0000"   // 4K QROM at page 820 (will becomes HEPAX RAM at page F)
YMCLR           // clear QROM content
"+820 E"        // pages E = 820 & F = 821
PPLUG           // activate pages E & F
HEPINI          // Initialize HEPAX RAM
                // at the first prompt, enter 2 (for 2 pages)
                // then at the second prompt, enter E (the first HEPAX RAM page)
OFF             // power cycle off
ON              // power cycle on
HEPDIR          // you should see H:DIR EMPTY and 1304 in X (free HEPAX DATA registers)

41CL ROM's Used
ID    Content     Description               YCRC
----  ----------  ------------------------  ----------
YFNX  YFNX-4C     41CL Extreme Functs -4C   0x15C13E04
4LIB  LIBRARY4    Library-4                 0x1C539FC4
OSX3  OSXB1       Lib-4 OS/X, bnk 1         0xFFB8718B
OSX3  OSXB2       Lib-4 OS/X, bnk 2         0x1EB52F23
OSX3  OSXB3       Lib-4 OS/X, bnk 3         0xBE678A83
OSX3  OSXB4       Lib-4 OS/X, bnk 4         0xBE678A83
PWRX  PWREXT1     PowerCL Extreme, bnk 1    0xF7CDE56D
PWRX  PWREXT2     PowerCL Extreme, bnk 2    0x4DFB4E0D
PWRX  PWREXT3     PowerCL Extreme, bnk 3    0xCBBC38B9
PWRX  PWREXT4     PowerCL Extreme, bnk 4    0x399B5175
WARP  WARPB1      Warp-core, bnk 1          0x0EC1AA88
WARP  WARPB2      Warp-core, bnk 2          0x7A5F8498
WARP  WARPB3      Warp-core, bnk 3          0x76DFB742
HEP3  HPX_PLUS    HEPAX Plus                0x9EBF0A5A
HEP2  HEPX4H_1    HEPAX 4H, bnk 1           0x098EFF9E
HEP2  HEPX4H_2    HEPAX 4H, bnk 2           0x88C629B9
HEP2  HEPX4H_3    HEPAX 4H, bnk 3           0x0330CD6E
HEP2  HEPX4H_4    HEPAX 4H, bnk 4           0xDEA6DD4B

4:LIB#4 R58 .
5:-TIME  3B
9:-YFNX 4C

CAT" 2

(06-29-2021 12:45 PM)yann Wrote:  ...I would like to use the SHFL command to speed up the operations on the stack but I notice the following strange behaviors:
- as per the manual to enter a numeric digit I have to press SHIFT but I have not found any way to enter the letters identifying the stack levels (XYZTL). Nothing happens when you press one of these letters.
-If I press RADIX I still get nothing (shouldn't I see the prompts populated with the letters of all levels?) But the display quickly turns off and on again.
-If I press '.' (dot) i can see the DATA ERROR on display (this is OK) but I can see "XYZTL" on ALPHA register!
I wrote a little program that puts "TZYXL" in the ALPHA register and executes SHFL: I should get the stack upside down, instead I get the hang of the 41CL!!!
-If I press ALPHA, the command switch from SHFL to R0R4 with the same behavior of SHFL.
On the Warp module I use also LIFO X that works great!
I have the same behavior on my side and with the latest ROM files from Monte (

I am now downloading Ángel's files, I will then load these ROM into QROM, reconfigure the 41CL to use these new ROMS and redo the testing, see you later!

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