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Unlimited Calculator
06-04-2021, 11:13 AM
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RE: Unlimited Calculator
To be fair, the DRG-> label (cycle through D, R, G) looks like it merely got a bit too close to the RAD label belonging to the next key over, so possibly not a Deg->Rad typo. (But in that case, where are DEG and GRA at?) The description, on the other hand ... ("as fellows") uh oh.
And have a look at the arrow keys too, they are pointing inwards instead of the usual outwards. Why would you put the Up button in the lower position, the Left button in the right position, etc? That's bound to cause confusion.

Overall, with a keyboard layout mostly copied from Casio, a focus on children (music / video player, panic button), and a lack of full alphabet on the keyboard, this looks more like a cheaper Chinese knockoff of an already cheap Casio device than an actually useful calculator. And don't even get me started on menus - without dedicated function keys, it could be a touchscreen (yuck), or you're expected to reach all menus with MODE + arrow keys (or maybe digits), which would be Casio-levels of convoluted too.

Oh, and just spotted this: If OFF is a shifted function, why not a shifted function of ON? Sloppy production all around.
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