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Long Live MicroPython TI Calculators!
05-24-2021, 03:20 PM
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RE: Long Live MicroPython TI Calculators!
(05-21-2021 03:01 PM)Hlib Wrote:  Hi, Namir! I have been a fan of TI calculators for over 35 years. Long live TI! But I can`t understand why the Pithon programming language attracts calculator lovers so much. Now, for 26 years, I have been regularly served by TI-85 with its excellent programming language and many mathematical features. I also have a wonderful TI-83+SE with BatLib from Zeda (Elnara) Thomas, CASIO 9860gii-2 with C.BASIC from Sentaro21. I still can`t understand why an engineer and mathematician need Pithon? Isn`t the HP-Prime or fx-9860gii (for general engineers and advanced students) enough? I`ve never seen an engineering calculation in my life that the HP-50g, HP-Prime, or fx-9869gii-2 couldn`t handle.

There's a huge base of Python programs available for download. The number of programs written for any particular calculator is considerably less. Plus, with Python, you don't have to start from scratch if you switch calculators in the future.

Tom L
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