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Long Live MicroPython TI Calculators!
05-21-2021, 03:01 PM
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RE: Long Live MicroPython TI Calculators!
Hi, Namir! I have been a fan of TI calculators for over 35 years. Long live TI! But I can`t understand why the Pithon programming language attracts calculator lovers so much. Now, for 26 years, I have been regularly served by TI-85 with its excellent programming language and many mathematical features. I also have a wonderful TI-83+SE with BatLib from Zeda (Elnara) Thomas, CASIO 9860gii-2 with C.BASIC from Sentaro21. I still can`t understand why an engineer and mathematician need Pithon? Isn`t the HP-Prime or fx-9860gii (for general engineers and advanced students) enough? I`ve never seen an engineering calculation in my life that the HP-50g, HP-Prime, or fx-9869gii-2 couldn`t handle.
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