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2021: Math Book Print
05-04-2021, 09:43 AM
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RE: 2021: Math Book Print
(05-04-2021 02:16 AM)dah145 Wrote:  Yes, a toggleable option for the dot operator instead of the asterisk in the settings would be greatly appreciated. The asterisk can make long expressions hard to read and very busy looking.

On the 48 series of calculators up to and including the 50g, the dot operator only makes an appearance after the expression has been entered. However, it's utilized for data entry when using the Equation Writer.

On that basis, it seems that the use of the asterisk for general entry is a definite design decision. It's not one I agree with, but suspect it's tied to a belief that XCAS/Maple style 2D expression entry is of educational value.

Cyrille discussed the reasons that the 50g's Equation Writer never made its way to the Prime in a recent interview. Considering that's not an option, I'd agree that the user should be provided with the option to use the dot operator for expression/equation entry as well as display.
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