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HP9114A Replacement Battery Box HP88014B
04-27-2021, 05:42 PM
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HP9114A Replacement Battery Box HP88014B
I finally acquired a lovely tidy HP9114A portable disk drive (HP-IL), courtesy of a nice chap in Finland. This is to be used with my HP41CV and HP71B setups, over HP-IL. However, unfortunately the battery box (HP88014A or B) was missing.
It can be run from a cable (supplied) using an external 6V power supply, but I do like things to have their original facilities.
So I located some suitable connectors and decided to design a replacement plug-in battery box in OpenSCAD. I finally 3D-printed the bits out and put it together, after a lot of iterations, as you might expect.
It's just a battery box with 4mm terminals and a fuse, but it's exactly what I wanted. It clips into the 9114A exactly like the original. The original charging circuitry has a reputation for mis-treating the battery, so external charging from a suitable device is preferable. You can even trickle charge the battery while running.
I produced an alternative front panel as well, to allow the original HP power connector (from a scrap printer) to be used, but that would need suitable electronics inside. I put in pcb supports just in case.
The parts take about 10 hours to print, so I'm probably not going to turn this into a commercial proposition!
If anyone wants the .stl files I may well stick them up on Thingiverse.
Who knows - someone may need one...

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