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Symbolic solutions of an equation in HP 50g
04-10-2021, 07:22 PM
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RE: Symbolic solutions of an equation in HP 50g
(04-10-2021 07:01 PM)Emibe Wrote:  
(04-10-2021 05:32 PM)Vtile Wrote:  There is probably no simple general solution for that equation, while it does seems to be deceptively "simple". I did put it in my own HP50g just to see what it returns and the message is "lim error: Bad argument type", for solve for X (but I do not have any idea anymore which settings, as I'm using small userRPL program to prepare the equations for more favorable form and attached it to user key and then lost the actual program...) ... which to me means that the CAS-system tries to say that you are demanding too much.

You can try out some PC-based CAS systems, ie. Maple, XCAS etc., but I'm more than sure that that specific equation do not have a simple solvable solution considering how the solvable unknown X is distributed in the equation.

Engineering is fun isn't it. Wink

PS. If you do give solve an list of {X A B C} to which solve for it do find solutions for B and C. The right side of the equations is where the complexities are.
Tried XCAS for just for interest. ...Damn I did drop the x from left side, it did work to be too easy...

Now with alost X, XCAS and HP50g do agree.
I see, maybe is what you say and the ecuation doesn´t have a simple solution. Thanks a lot!.
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