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HP-67 1805S02334
03-21-2021, 09:42 PM
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RE: HP-67 1805S02334
The Faceplate

Hi Everyone,

not much to say on the faceplate, keys and faceplate have been washed
but it will be necessary to spray the TS80 to bring it back to the original
aspect, that will be done as the last thing

The Card Reader

The card reader has been completely stripped of all the components
this is one of that latest version, it can be taken out without de-soldering
thanks to the pins

Cleaned with the usual mixture, two traces needed to be restored and
they are the Motor and the RB traces

The wheel has been restored with two o-ring and the clutch has not been
done has it keeps (for the moment) a good strength

It has been mechanically tested and a card goes thru regularly

However, sad to be said, it doesn't work ...

The problem seems to be in the RA and RB channels, though we have not tested the
writing feature for the moment

Both RA and RB are noisy once the calculator is powered on, even if the card reader
is inactive.

When disconnected from the logic board it looks ok, also RA and RB on the logic
board are ok when the card reader is not connected

We have put this logic board in a working unit and it can read just fine,
so we presume the card reader controller on the logic board is fine

We changed the amplifier on the card reader with a known good one and it behaves
like this.

When a card is passing thru you can see the correct wave in between the noise

Please be aware timing has been set differently when it was not reading vs
when it was.

Also, keep in mind that on the keyboard pcb the two traces that have been repaired
are SB and SC

We could not test the impedance, but we have measured the resistance and it is :
between red and yellow : 44 ohm
between blu and orange : 43,6 ohm
these values are comparable with values measured on other magnetic heads

As always, any suggestion is very welcome !
Take care !!

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Edoardo & Alberto
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