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To clean - or not to clean ... ?
03-18-2021, 08:10 AM
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RE: To clean - or not to clean ... ?

Congrats for the finding! It is really a remarkable calculator.

I collect these calculators and I have a large amount of them.
In my opinion: Do not open it, if not necessary, which is like saying: if it works fine, do not open it, moreover if it is necessary to break or put in (serious) risk aestethical aspects, which is the case.

I would distinguish between external cleaning and external restoring. I like to keep clean the calculators (some people talk about keeping the "patina", I talk about removing the dirtiness) and only in some cases, restoring. I.e. there is a big debate about restoring the silver lines in HP35 or not...this is a personal decision. ;-D

Enjoy your HP35!

Kind regards

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