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02-09-2021, 11:11 AM
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RE: Nokia
The other interresting part of Nokia story is how they droped the ball on the Smartphone era.

Once i saw a director of Nokia-France on TV crying while explaining how they completely missed the turn to keyboardless phones : He appoligized while saying that they paid lot of famous and expensive consultants that demonstrated them that customers would NEVER switch to keyboardless phones based on "serious" market studies. Hence their conlusion was that smarphone would always stay as a niche market....

History has showned how wrong they were and Nokia went down the drain from #1 position to irrelevance within a few years.

As for my domain, Automotive industry i saw the very same behavior from major OEMs in front of the BEV emergence. Now they seems to all wake-up same time like Lemmings... this decade will be very interresting !
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