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(SR-52) Queuing Analysis
01-25-2021, 02:21 PM
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RE: (SR-52) Queuing Analysis
Nice find!

In a past life, I taught Queuing Theory in management science classes. The students always HATED the equations and since the calculation of P(0) was so complicated in the multi-server situation, the book had a table to estimate it... and they still hated it.

There is a queuing theory program for the HP-41 in the pages of the PPC Journal circa 1983 or so. Angel put it into one of his test statistics roms for the DM-41X / HP-41CL / HP-41 emulator usage. Works great.

At HHC 2016 (?) I gave a short talk titled "Don't make me wait!" which discussed waiting lines. It is available on's Youtube channel if anyone is interested.
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