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A quick and dirty forms generator
11-06-2020, 08:36 PM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2020 06:51 PM by emax.)
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A quick and dirty forms generator
I was tired of searching for syntax errors in INPUT definitions and of counting braces and curly braces. So I have written a very simple, quick&dirty forms generator. It reads a very simple input and generates the INPUT code.

Note: This is only tested for my personal needs. So far, this means only basic datatypes, drop-down boxes with alpha values and checkboxes.

As I am a pure linux user, I did this in perl (feel free to rewrite it in your language of choice).

An example input file (form.hpfrm) is included. Some explanations inside.

I will fix bugs if reported here and if I have time.

Have fun.

For tar users & linuxees:
.txt  formgen_tgz.txt (Size: 1.97 KB / Downloads: 11)

Zip version:
.zip (Size: 2.16 KB / Downloads: 6)

PS: rename formgen_tgz.txt to formgen.tgz and then "tar xvzf formgen.tgz". You'll get two files: A sample form and the script. Depending on your umask you'll eventually have to "chmod ug+x"
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