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RPNcalc+ free colorful web calculator
11-10-2020, 10:53 AM
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RE: RPNcalc+ free colorful web calculator
(11-08-2020 10:01 PM)Steve Simpkin Wrote:  Here is some me feedback from using it on two different iPhone models and IOS versions. On my iPhone 8 running IOS 12.1.2, it looks and works great in Safari and Chrome. On my iPhone SE running IOS 10.0.1, the keys are not in the right place. It looks like the following.

The issue seems to be very old version of Safari that is probably lower than 10.1 where they started supporting GRID which styling of keyboard uses nor does it support Service Workers which were implemented in Safari 11.1 and are required for web apps to work offline.

(11-08-2020 11:34 PM)Mike T. Wrote:  48.0
should be 0.0
(11-09-2020 02:28 AM)Steve Simpkin Wrote:  Well I don't know, Mike. 2.83106871279415e-15 is pretty close to zero. Certainly a lot more accurate than a slide rule, well if you used a slide rule for subtraction that isSmile

I used basic JS number type which is double precision floating point number IEEE 754 and JS Math object. I'm not really sure how best to handle this without introducing some other issues. I might better implement some JS library that handles it if there are too many edge cases. BTW: How did you come to this test?
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