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RPNcalc+ free colorful web calculator
11-08-2020, 06:38 PM
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RE: RPNcalc+ free colorful web calculator
(11-07-2020 01:23 PM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  Especially if the history is editable so that mistakes can be corrected or the calculation repeated with different values - a kind of "narrowtrack" programming option. I know this from other calculators.

I thought of making history editable but I'm not sure if changing operators should be allowed. Idea of narrow-track programming sounds interesting. Maybe user could pick commands from the history and than substitute desired values for X, Y or Z. Than he would be able to save that sequence and run it as any other operator. Was this what you had on mind? I see how this could be useful even without loops and conditionals.

(11-07-2020 01:23 PM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  I'm looking forward to see it on the mobile phone! The remainder of my wish list (#1 is the mobile app) would be more memories (for STO and RCL) and a choice of colour schemes for the display. I am not the biggest fan of black on grey liquid crystal display.

It is already optimized for mobile and if you use Chrome on Android you will get a prompt to install it. After that you will have it on your Home-screen, when started it covers whole screen and it should even work when you are offline. Very native like behavior, only thing is that it is not installed from the store. Sadly I don't have an iPhone so I was not able to test it on Apple device but I've read that even Safari partially supports PWA technology so in theory it should work.
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