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Advanced Graphing "Go To"
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RE: Advanced Graphing "Go To"
(06-09-2014 02:26 PM)swisscow Wrote:  1) out of interest, how does the calculator decide where is the nearest point (Pythagoras?)?

Not sure as I didn't write this part. I would assume that or a faster variant of it however.

Quote:2) Is it possible in any of the graphing apps to type in the y-coordinate / value of the function and be given the x value in return?

Of course. What you are looking for is in the NUM view of the adv grapher. With my example of Y=SIN(X), go to the NUM view and press the TRACE button. Ensure that "Edge" is checked. You will see the table change to Y followed by multiple X columns. Pressing X down on the menu toggles to X, then Y to go back to Y and so on.

With the table selected in the Y column, type your value. If there are multiple on screen, they will all show up in the columns. Note that the table view is linked to the plot view so if you aren't showing anything on screen it won't have any values here. You can do this with horizontal extrema, inflection points, intercepts, etc.


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