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How much money to add on a Metrocard
06-05-2014, 11:13 PM
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How much money to add on a Metrocard
If you don't live in NYC, or don't visit often enough to keep a Metrocard, you may stop reading now.

One of the manifestations of my OCD is that I must have a remainder on my Metrocard that's an integral number of rides. It's easy to do now if you just start with $50 (so $52.50 with the bonus), but if you happen to take PATH, it will leave you in a stepping-on-sidwalk-cracks type of situation Smile Eventually they'll raise the fare again and maybe even change the bonus percentage, so the situation will worsen.

Now, I happen to have an android phone in my pocket, but should I write an android app for it? God forbid! I wrote an HP41 program for my trusty go41cx emulator. It takes the remaining value on your card in the X register, and shows how much you should add to make it an integral multiple of the fare when you consider the bonus

The fare (2.50, line 13) and bonus multiplier (1.05, line 8) are hardwired in the program, but changing it every few years by hand shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy:
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