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[WP-34S] Emulator/debug - single/double copy/paste
06-13-2014, 05:10 PM
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RE: [WP-34S] Emulator/debug - single/double copy/paste
(06-13-2014 04:55 PM)pito Wrote:  
(06-13-2014 04:19 PM)Marcus von Cube Wrote:  Install the SVN command line utilities (they come with TortoiseSVN) and change your path to point to them.
ok, now the last issue to tackle (see below).
It looks like the build is trying to copy (an outdated version) of the manual to the location where the emulator expects it for its Help menu. Just ignore the error or patch the copy command in the wp34sgui post build event.

Marcus von Cube
Wehrheim, Germany
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