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(41C) Conversion sur HP 41C
12-30-2021, 09:29 PM (This post was last modified: 12-30-2021 09:47 PM by C.Ret.)
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RE: (41C) Conversion sur HP 41C
(12-30-2021 12:09 AM)Dave Britten Wrote:  Nice little program, I've been looking for something like this. I noticed I'm getting different results for dB-uV and dB-m. I think this may just be a typo in your example, but I'm not sure.

Thank you for your careful readings.
This is effectively a mistake since I mix-up all the values in my example.
I will correct all this mess directly in the previous post.

(12-30-2021 12:09 AM)Dave Britten Wrote:  And I'm not sure if this was intentional, but flag 11 is the auto-exec flag. If you weren't meaning to enable that, then a user flag like flag 10 might be a better choice.

Ah! Thanks you !

Since a few days my HP-41C had a strange behavior; sometimes, it is beeping when I turn it on. I was wondering what it was and was afraid it were broken.

There is no special reason to use this flag. I often use flags on my HP-28S which have a larger range for general purpose flags. I have forgotten that the HP-41C's user flags range from 00 to 10.

Here is a new version of the previous program that use no flag for display format.
I also have change the flags used to remember what entry and unit was inputted. In this new version, the flag from 00 to 04 are used so that corresponding annunciators 0 to 4 are light on or off depending of entry. Eventual erroneous situation (some successive value entries with no conversion may result in situation where more than one indicator is ON) are easily detected.
Also, the results of any conversion is no more store in a register allowing the user to store any results in any register of his choice.

Finally, I reorganized subpart of the code so that after any entry or conversion, the R/S key can be used to scroll from one unit to the next. This also spare a few bytes.

01 LBL"IMP"  SF 27
03   LBL 00  STO 00  "OHM"
06   LBL 10  ENG 3  ASTO L  CLA  ARCL X  "~ "  GTO 12
13   LBL 01  FC?C 00  XEQ 05  X^2  RCL 00  /  RTN
20   LBL 02  FC?C 01  XEQ 01  LOG  10  *  RTN
27   LBL 03  FC?C 02  XEQ 02  30  +  RTN
33   LBL 04  FC?C 03  XEQ 03  RCL 00  LOG  10  *  +  90  +  RTN
44   LBL 05  FC?C 04  XEQ 04  20  /  6  -  10^X  RTN
53   LBL A  FC?C 22  XEQ 01  SF 01  "WATT"  XEQ 10
59   LBL B  FC?C 22  XEQ 02  SF 02  "W"  XEQ 11
65   LBL C  FC?C 22  XEQ 03  SF 03  "m"  XEQ 11
71   LBL D  FC?C 22  XEQ 04  SF 04  "µV"  XEQ 11
77   LBL E  FC?C 22  XEQ 05  SF 00  "VOLT"  XEQ 10  GTO A
84   LBL 11  FIX 2  ASTO L  CLA  ARCL X  "~ dB-"
90   LBL 12  ARCL L  ENG 6  PROMPT
94 END

Thanks Smile
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