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Source for TI-59 Magnetic Cards
07-01-2020, 11:31 AM
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RE: Source for TI-59 Magnetic Cards
(07-01-2020 10:31 AM)Pjwum Wrote:  Be prepared to pay more for the cards than you did for the calculator. Usually they pop up as a set together with the black module cards.
That being said, are you sure your diagnostic test is written on a magnetic card? TI sold the 59 together with the so-called Master Library Module. Program 01 of this library module performs the diagnostic test. It is built in and needs no magnetic card reading. The accompanying card is black, just a label and non-magnetic.
TI's magnetic cards are yellow on the front with a brownish magnetic layer on the back.


Feeding the non-magnetic Master Library diagnostic card through the card reader would not result in a successful read. So, yes, I am sure it is a magnetic card. Master Library Program 01 is a diagnostic for the master library module. The magnetic card in question is labeled “Calculator Diagnostic”. The card reader reads it and loads the diagnostic program.
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