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(17BII) Mastermind
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RE: (17BII) Mastermind
(04-30-2020 10:08 PM)pinkman Wrote:  I left my 17BII at the office before being locked down... Sad

Juste because I’m curious:
Are you using a special mean to avoid being confused with all these parenthesis?
How much time did you spend for stabilizing the equation?

Hello pinkman !

That's right ! the system with all this parenthesis is not really easy.
After the first formula entry in the calculator, you can be sure you receive a INVALID EQUATION when pressing [CALC] !!!

But when you have made LISP program at school, that's a good training way !...

To control the equation, on the paper, i put a number under each pair of parentheses from the easy (and the very close) to the most distant. So i begin with the G( ) or L( ) and i put a 1 - 1 under each parenthesis and i finalize with the initial IF( and the ending )...

I mean, you are right : this step of validating the parentheses is the most painful and stressful!
And this is just a first step because you should have to play with the order of the variables on the the display...

But after all, when you run the formula, it's a little mixture of surprise and satisfaction !

Does anyone else have a specific approach to finalize all of these steps?!
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