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How to enter whole degrees and decimal minutes ?
04-06-2020, 03:11 PM (This post was last modified: 04-06-2020 03:14 PM by springer5.)
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RE: How to enter whole degrees and decimal minutes ?
(04-06-2020 02:21 PM)CyberAngel Wrote:  You need to make your own input routine = code a program
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Thanks CyberAngel.

I wrote a simple program to add or subtract sets of numbers in that format, but when it comes to long, complex formulas all with different structures it gets very complicated.
Some formulas might have 3 arguments, some 10, so the input routines would either have to be written for each permutation or a routine setup at the beginning which asks the user to specify structure prior to input and the program would almost have to write itself each time depending on the work at hand.

One day sin-1 (C * sin(lat)+ S * cos (lat)

Maybe on another day z1 =z1/tan(dec)

On a third day both of them together.

and so on. All the above variables requiring to be input in whole degrees and decimal minutes *as the formulas is worked through* because some of the variables themselves have to be looked up in tables (or not) depending on the previous calculation.

It really needs to be done manually.

Too much for the Prime I'm thinking now.

Jus the simple firmware routine to allow input of decimal minutes when using the degrees, minutes and seconds button would have made it so easy.

I'd hoped it might be simpler than that using "the great HP Prime" but so be it.

Thanks for clarifying that there's no built in way to do it though.

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