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New Arrivals!!!
03-23-2020, 09:17 AM
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New Arrivals!!!
Note to self: stop buying HPs on eBay while drunk. I'm sure this enforced isolation is sending me stir crazy...

[Image: 49686903722_1df19307cc_b.jpg]

A complete HP•33 C... it's even got a little branded battery box: never seen one of those before... Showed 'Error Pr' when first switched on, but I put fresh batteries in and it worked like a charm. Odd that the continuous memory only conserves programs and storage registers, not the X:, Y:, Z: and T: registers...

[Image: 49686604851_cd36043b99_b.jpg]

An HP•35 (3rd gen, I believe)... pleased to get a complete set. I'm going to take Bob P's and toml's advice and try and touch up the silver bezels using leafing pen...

And, today, finally, I'm going to set up my 3D printer: I think my first project will be to run off some Classic-series battery holders, then an HP•67 battery cover to replace my melted one and then, when I get better at it, I'm going to print a mini NeXT cube to house my Raspberry Pi 4 running GNUSTeP / Windowmaker ;0)


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