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Online teaching
03-23-2020, 09:34 AM
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RE: Online teaching
(03-23-2020 07:02 AM)Nad Wrote:  I am looking for books on precalculus and calculus to supplement the textbooks we are using.
I think a pen would give me greater freedom and speed. I've seen the special pens and tablets but I've never used them.

Hi Nad!

Easy to find calculus books in pdf format on the web, just google it!

For pocket calculators you can find Stuart's calculus addendum to TI-83/84 and for TI-89/92 here:
Stewart Calculus (TI-83/84) and Stewart Calculus (TI-89/92)

We (me and my daughter) are using XP-Pen Deco 03 tablet with AutoDesk SketchBook for simple tasks and for screen recordings with OBS Studio, like this mechanical engineering video (screenshot here):


Or Krita for more advanced drawings or animations:


Sketchbook and Krita totally free softwares.

For on-screen calculations I recommend to use emulators, this is a HP forum, but must to know, the TI extended their emulators availability for an email registration here: TI emulators

I prefer for middle school and BSc video tutorials the TI-30X Pro Mathprint (mainly mechanical engineering not mathematics), for more complex requirements maybe better to use TI-84 series or jump to Python, if required to program little projects.
Yesterday just for test I tried a Lorenz attractor on TI-84 emulator, it was approx. 5 minutes from scratch, very easy to learn and it is possible to save/load programs and data from/to PC and the old TI-83 programs runs also:


The CASIO's emulators also available, my personal experiment with it, their emulators are too slow on PC, very easy to miss a keystroke.

I hope this helps.
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