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Touching Up the Silver on HP35 / 45
03-22-2020, 03:54 PM
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RE: Touching Up the Silver on HP35 / 45
Use a silver leaf pen, like this one:

It works remarkably well, though you must be careful and patient when applying it (to not touch elsewhere, leave an even amount, etc.) but you'll like the result. You can also carefully trim the writing wick with a razor knife if needed, or if it 'mushes' down.

Also, be sure to clean the area to be painted thoroughly to insure no grease, fingerprints, dust, etc. is there when you paint it. I suggest using a mild cleaner first, then follow-up with alcohol, but don't get alcohol on the bezel labels, it can remove the label paint.

If you try this, please post photos of the 'after' results so future readers will be able to see how well it works.

Credit for original idea (teaching me) goes to Didier Lachieze.

--Bob Prosperi
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