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TI vs. Ndless
03-05-2020, 06:09 PM
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TI vs. Ndless
Has TI finally stumped the good folks who developed Ndless? Ndless is software that sort of jailbreaks the TI Nspire series and allows third party software (such as MicroPython) to run. Every time Ndless comes up with a hack that allows it to run on the Nspire, TI changes the OS to block it. Up until now, it's only been a few weeks between the introduction of a new OS and the Ndless response. The new 5.x OS versions, however, seem to be a stumbling block for the Ndless team. They seem to be stuck at OS 4.5. This is a great shame since the Nspire II won't run an OS earlier than 5.0 and the latest update to the original Nspire won't run Ndless either. I know that the people who develop Ndless are very bright and clever but it looks like TI has finally beaten them. I'd love to be proven wrong, though!

This is a sad time for Nspire users.

Tom L
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