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HP-97 enhancements
02-28-2020, 04:31 AM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2020 04:37 AM by teenix.)
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RE: HP-97 enhancements
(02-28-2020 12:01 AM)Kees Bouw Wrote:  
(02-19-2020 12:01 AM)teenix Wrote:  Anything is possible. I am looking into a replacement CPU board for the 97 but still lots to do. It is more complex than the others I have done.
Hi Tony,

The HP-97 is like a small computer with a cpu, rom and ram, right? Which chip exactly is equivalent to the cpu? Is there a list or description of the instruction set? I have programmed in 6502 assembler long ago, is it anything like that? Is there a rom listing of the HP-97 anywhere (preferably commented)?



Hi Kees,

There is an instruction decoder in the ARC chip along with the registers, timing, access etc. The coding style is similar to other cpu's but more specific to calculator operation, although I guess you could get it to do other tasks.

Check out my HP-97 emulator. It should give you an idea of its source code and operation. You can also write your own source code as it has a compiler as well.


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