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HP-97 enhancements
02-16-2020, 08:43 PM (This post was last modified: 02-16-2020 08:45 PM by Kees Bouw.)
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HP-97 enhancements
Some time ago, the magnificent Katie Wasserman found a way to enhance the functionality of a standard HP-97 by adding a Parallax SX28 microcontroller and a DS1302 clock. All this is described in detail in an article that can be found at At the end a remark is added: "Etienne Victoria was successful in building this project and installing it in an HP-97 with the old style main circuit board." There is a link to pictures of Etienne's project but this link does not seem to work anymore.
Anyhow, Katie's project dates from 2009 and Etiennes from 2010 and in the meantime many new microcontrollers have appeared. Is there anyone who has enhanced the HP-97 with newer technology and would like to share this? I am thinking of hooking the HP-97 up to an Arduino somehow. One thing I would like to achieve is being able to show the complete stack (x, y, z, t) in real time on a display connected to the Arduino. Another is to be able to load and save programs from, for example, a USB stick. All thoughts and ideas are very welcome!
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