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HP-16C manual size
12-14-2019, 04:49 AM
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RE: HP-16C manual size
thanks very much both; fascinating!

I've got three Voyagers now, and have looked at the PDF manuals dozens, if not hundreds of times, but never realised that the paper manuals for them aren't the "normal" 8½″ high that are the rest of my HP manuals (from 41 to 50g), and indeed my Casio manuals too.

This new 16C manual is indeed perfect bound; now I want to get my hands on the 15C ones, but not at the usual prices.

thanks again.

Cambridge, UK
41CL/DM41X 12/15C/16C DM15/16 71B 17B/BII/bII+ 28S 42S/DM42 32SII 48GX 50g 35s 30b/WP34S Prime G2
& Casios, Rockwell 18R :)
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