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[WP34s] More constants than CONST offers
05-26-2014, 09:05 PM
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RE: [WP34s] More constants than CONST offers
(05-26-2014 08:51 PM)walter b Wrote:  Oh come on, you want to use your calculator, don't you?

Yes. For instance for programming. And this can be done much more conveniently and elegantly with these additional constants. And they do not affect the stack and LastX either.

Quote:I voted against including 1/2 and Φ into CONST since they are trivial to calculate

Take a look at the quantile code I just posted. Did you count the number of "1/2" commands? This simple constant makes things so much easier. Before it was included I suggested a different version for the Normal quantile where 1/2 was even stored in a separate register so that it could be recalled from there whenever it was required.

There also is another point: calculated results are not neccessarily exact. Take pi/2: both in SP and DP the result is 1 ULP off.

So once again: why have these constants not been included in CONST while they are available in the assembler (and obviously get assembled to a valid opcode).

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