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(71B) Euler-Taylor method for the HP-71B
12-11-2019, 10:07 PM
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RE: (71B) Euler-Taylor method for the HP-71B
(12-10-2019 06:02 PM)Csaba Tizedes Wrote:  Hi Namir, just two comments:

1.) at relative error calculation the divisor is Y0 not 10, I guess
2.) I am not familiar with 71B, but in the function definitions there is not important the case sensitivy (y or Y)?
+1) you know that, there is a cheating when you defined the second derivative, I mean a differentiation procedure is required, because thats why we use computers...


1) Thatls for spotting the error. I corrected it in both listings.
2) HP-71B BASIC, as mots BASICs, is not case sensitive.
3) It would be nice if someone can numerically approximate the d2y/dx2 for dy/dx = f(x,y). Any idea? When say dy/dx=y, approximating the second derivative with x and an increment of x leads no where! I am open to suggestions.

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