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I got a HP 17Bii, and I love it!
12-08-2019, 02:32 PM
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RE: I got a HP 17Bii, and I love it!
(12-08-2019 08:09 AM)jthole Wrote:  Which brings me to another question; don’t Let and Get work at all for menu variables in the new 17Bii+, or is that only an issue for specific cases?

The 17BII is indeed a great machine, and they are so inexpensive I have many of them located all around my shop for basic daily calculations (I got one for $9 w/ship!).

The issues with the 17bII+ have been documented in many places here on the Forum, initially I believe by Don Shepherd, however I think the best and most comprehensive write-up about the solver and Let/Get issue was done by Martin Hepperle in 2015, copy attached below. Like all projects Martin tackles, the work is thorough, helpful and professionally documented. It should answer all your questions, but in summary, even though workarounds exist for some issues, the core problems make the 17bII+ unreliable for extensive Solver use, which is a shame as this is easily the best HP machine still in production.

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--Bob Prosperi
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