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Watch related Part 1 (too many photos for 1 posting)
11-21-2019, 05:01 PM
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RE: Watch related Part 2
Broken wires to testing side of the checker:

[Image: before%2007%20wiring_zpsiajgtk98.jpg]

Main PCA with shielding for smaller sensor pad PCA;

[Image: before%2020%20board%20overview_zpsra4axunr.jpg]

Sensor PCA pads obverse side:

[Image: before%2040%20sensor%20pads_zpsb8qoe9zm.jpg]

Sensor PCA reverse side:

[Image: before%2041%20sensor%20wiring_zps5fflyb4f.jpg]

Upper display PCA with push buttons all cleaned:

[Image: before%2031%20top%20reverse_zpsqvwr0xhj.jpg]

Reverse of the upper display:

[Image: before%2030%20top%20pca_zps5s4igfo2.jpg]


The overview with lacquered wood and bezel. Supply voltage writing redone. All probe receptacles removed, sanded and polished then reinserted.

[Image: after%2001%20overview_zps0hbew9ia.jpg]

Three views of the pocket watch (18000bph) with the seconds per day displayed. You will notice the balance wheel button (far left is selected) as is the 60 second sampling button. Also note the green signal led (which beats in relation to the watch beat) as well as the red led indicating seconds per day:

[Image: after%2020%20pocket%20watch_zpsdykzo7xe.jpg]

[Image: after%2021%20pocket%20watch_zpstscqe0a6.jpg]

[Image: after%2022%20pocket%20watch_zpsbz80vr2c.jpg]

Continued in Part 3
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