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Looking for Suggestions on Dead HP49G+
10-29-2019, 06:56 PM
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RE: Looking for Suggestions on Dead HP49G+
(10-29-2019 03:19 PM)cjmcc Wrote:  BTW - College kids these days are very Amazon conditioned. Need something desperately, and Amazon Prime will take care of you. Has anyone seen the going prices for an HP49G+? Amazon lists a new one for $229.99 and a dodgy used one for $69.99 (plus $49.99 shipping!!!!).

You're better off not even looking for a 49G+. Those manufactured for most of the calculator's lifespan had poor quality keyboards that introduced errors in your input (missed keystrokes our bounce) or even broke physically. You're much better off looking for a 50g anyway because the keyboard problem was solved by the time it came out and because the black body and light-coloured markings make for a much more readable machine (better contrast in the colour scheme).

There are numerous 50g units -- second hand, admittedly -- available on eBay at prices far, far below those ludicrous prices for 49G+ units.

Basically, the only differences between the 49G+ and the 50g are the serial port (nobody actually uses it!) and the fact that you can power the 50g over the USB connection. Other than that, it behaves exactly like the 49G+.

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