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48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
11-14-2019, 07:23 PM
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RE: 48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
Do you mean this one? MSP432P4111 Launchpad Same $30 price tag as the STM32 board but no built in LCD, only 48MHz vs 168MHz, and no built in SDRAM. There doesn't seem to be an external memory bus from what I can tell in the MSP432P4111 datasheet.

Quote:The single USB port on the debugger actually presents itself as two com ports, one for debugging and the other for serial communication with the MCU.
Yes, the MSP430 launchpads do this too but it is not because the chip itself is handling any of the USB stuff like the STM32 does but because the extra hardware on the dev board is doing the heavy lifting. Will you still get those com ports with just the microcontroller not on the dev board?

Not saying that the STM32 is the only logical choice here or anything. Other things like software support can matter more in the end.
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