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48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
10-28-2019, 11:08 PM
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RE: 48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
In recent days, I've come to the conclusion that we probably don't need to talk about all the underlying technology yet, UNTIL we have figured out recreating a SATISFYING keypad hardware solution :-)

I mean, for many of us, that's really the key (no pun intended, or maybe intended) factor right?

If we didn't care about the physical form factor, tactile user experience, then many of the smartphone emulators would already suffice.

The DM42 is a superb device, but some of us, myself included, STILL are not happy with the tactile key feel.

The old HP hardware was great, and if we can replicate or even improve upon the keypress, that would be awesome.

If cost is not an issue (I think this calculator is not really meant to be a low budget project), perhaps we can use tactile pushbuttons for every key? I think of those because probably the bubble type contact switch board is not something one of us can produce at home. But we can buy several dozen momentary switches, and 3D print the plastic framework.

However, the momentary pushbuttons that I have as parts don't seem to have the CLICK-CLICK tactile feel of the bubble switches.

I have some computer keyboard mechanical switches but those are way too large for this implementation.

Any suggestions?
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