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48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
10-24-2019, 09:42 PM (This post was last modified: 10-24-2019 09:55 PM by EugeneNine.)
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RE: 48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
I've mentioned in a couple other threads that I want to do the same with a 48s(x).

Source is
I know it will compile on ARM with minimal changes as I got it to run on a Raspberry Pi running Linux.

There is another emulator series emu4x but IIRC its developed on windows so there might be Microsoft specific code that it hard to port, I've ran into that issue before.

There are plenty of arm microcontrollers out there such as the newer pic or nRF. I learned PIC back in the 90's but with Parallax's 8051 like code. I've done some 6502 assembly, 68k assembly and more recently have started messing with C for PIC and Arduino. Places like adafruit have some ARM dev boards that they have ported the arduino code to.

keyboard/keypad is easy enough. LCD might be a bit harder but there is a recent thread on eevblog about getting those custom made.

I think its perfectly doable.

I started copying the source into mplab x for a but I think one of the adafruit feathers might be easier to start with.
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