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What do you keep on your 42S?
10-30-2019, 03:56 PM
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RE: What do you keep on your 42S?
Well, after realizing that doing the memory upgrade only requires removing the back cover, and not removing the PCB or dismantling the keyboard, I decided to take the plunge. So far it's working great.

If you're considering it, don't even think about doing it unless you have...

- A temperature-controlled soldering iron with a good needle-point tip (and a much blunter tip for the desoldering step)
- Some desoldering braid
- A good magnifier
- Steady hands
- A healthy amount of soldering experience, particularly surface-mount work
- Some means of resealing the case (I used a hot glue gun with a multipurpose hot-melt stick to reseal the heat stakes)

Working so close to the exposed CPU chip is certainly a bit nerve-wracking.

I used an Alliance Memory/Cypress CY62256NLL-55SNXIT 32K x 8 low power SRAM:

And for solder I just used some plain old 60/40 rosin core.

It started right up and passed all the self tests, but I need to give it at least a few weeks to be certain that the chip is a good fit and that my handiwork will hold up. Right now I'm just running it good and hard by typing in a bunch of programs - I think I've got about 8-9 KB entered so far.
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