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10-23-2019, 02:58 PM
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RE: SwissMicros forum
(10-23-2019 01:14 PM)cdmackay Wrote:  Anyone know what the problem is with the SM forum? No updates since 16th Oct, which is way below the normal rate. I sent a "contact" msg but heard nothing back.

Strange. Michael passed your message on to me and I replied to him. I thought he would have relayed back to you....

Anyway, as others have said, several days of inactivity is not unusual. In fact, if you eliminate the recent discussions about the WP43S, there won't have been much going on for quite a while Smile

Other than the quick presentation we did at HPCC in London earlier this month, we've been pretty quiet at SM while we're getting ready for the beta release of the 41X.

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