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Repairing & restoring HP82002 - advice needed
09-17-2019, 06:38 AM
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RE: Repairing & restoring HP82002 - advice needed

indeed open curcuit voltage of calculator supply path is above 15V.

So far I have never come across a faulty transformer inside Classics chargers. So no transformer advice from my side.

Normally output capacitor is dead. Then output voltage(s) (when a load, e. g. calculator is attached) have a measureable AC portion and Classics calculator display flickers or do not work at all. You can replace it with any modern 470uF/25V oder 470uF/50V capacitor.

When there are AC/DC output voltage(s) of zero normally fuse inside is dead. I vaguely remember that I used a matching (in size and rating) SMD fuse as replacement in such cases.

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