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Prime's current availability for purchase?
09-25-2019, 01:00 PM
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RE: Prime's current availability for purchase?
HP's calculator web page (what there is of it) has been a disaster for years. It's hard to find (under Computer Accessories) and full of outdated information, pictures of older versions, bad links to nowhere, and an "online shop" that is usually out of many items.

It would seem that they have no actual calculator marketing department at all, just the couple of overworked engineers who are responsible for developing product itself. Granted, HP is under some intense market pressure, but they don't make their situation any better.

I'm not a Prime adopter (yet), but I really do like how they have continued to develop and improve the product over time, not just tossing it over the wall to an offshore manufacturer. I hope they are able to continue and ultimately find a good niche even if the revenues aren't what TI for example sees.
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