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HP-41CX w/ XF-Module - just curious
09-01-2019, 08:13 PM
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RE: HP-41CX w/ XF-Module - just curious
(07-28-2019 06:04 AM)hth Wrote:  Yes, by design. However, you spelled the name and if you hold down ALPHA at the end the instruction, what you spelled is even displayed (acknowledged) and when you let go of ALPHA it goes ahead and does something else!

In program mode you will see the other instruction as the program step and if you assign it to a key you sort of put it there for the future and have the chance to see it does something else (if you press and hold).

When executed directly you have no chance to see it will do anything but what you entered, there is no mercy. Smile

I have not investigated what it would be take to fix it, but I did put it down for the future. It is not a high priority and it needs to be a rather trivial and safe fix, otherwise I will leave it as is.

I have now had the chance to study it a bit more and think I will leave it as-is. Fixing it looks non-trivial and would probably end up being a kludge.
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