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Condition-grading criteria for HP calcs?
06-27-2019, 05:33 AM
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RE: Condition-grading criteria for HP calcs?
(06-27-2019 03:46 AM)[kby] Wrote:  As a -65 afficianado, it has gotten me curious about what the difference is between the v1 and v2 -65s areā€¦haven't seen a mention of that before, although the price differential mentioned there; even though it's old I do find v1s relatively common and v2s relatively uncommon. I have a number of v1s or parts thereof and only one v2 and there is no obvious difference (other than the rev #s on the CPU board and big hybrid IC, but I think I see more than 2 versions of both of those).

Partially (?) answering my own question, although I am not totally certain I agree with the serial # cutoff: I believe V1 has a smaller font for the printed keypad labels.
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